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teoДата: Суббота, 01.02.2014, 19:49 | Сообщение # 1
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Российская Федерация
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Germany - ICE_IK
Japan Empire - ROBERT
Italy - TEO
Spain- DIMA
Hungary - APELSIN
Romania (China) - WAREXPERT

Great Britain - VOLL


Eastern Front october-november 1941

At the beginning of a new game episode USSR player simultaneously attacked Kenigsberg from 4 directions. He probably planned a wide spread attack of Romania with the help of Soviet Union forces, or even ambitious move to strike Berlin. Several Soviet divisions attacked Stryi with the purpose of passing to Romania, breaking Southern Soviet encirclement and blocking German forces on that territory. As a result of few battles along the way, Stryi remained occupied by German forces.

Few days later, front-rank USSR divisions appeared near Danzing and broke into Warsaw. German army was able to stop the Soviet assault only on the left side of the river on the line of Danzig – Lodz – Radom.
This happened due to the fact that German troops decided to leave strategically non-essential provinces and avoid defensive and bloody battles that additionally decreased insufficient man count that was left of the Third Reich army.

While Soviet forces tried to breached river in the East Poland and we were sure it was impossible – we believe our self in safety. So it was taking decision to drive mechanized elements deeper in Soviet territory and that’s way punching through Mozaisk and Noginsk assaulting German divisions appeared near capital of USSR – Moscow. Moscow was enable to defense because all its factories, politburo and even Lenin corpse from the Mausoleum were evacuated many days before. )) So German first divisions entered USSR capital without major oppression. It was a real shame for all Russian army to see German forces marched over the Read Square, but squadrons of Soviet bombers were only one spectators of this historical moment. Theirs bombs were lightly troubled for Moscow invaders.

It was a big mistake for the Red Army to move to East Prussia. The majority of the divisions moved even further from their defenseless supply lines. This lead to the well organized sea attack operation of the German Armed forces in Baltic Sea.

It was clear for Fuehrer that war in Russia in November-December will be a very difficult task. That’s why he considered supplying German troops with good weaponry and equipment to be a priority at the beginning of the operation.

German Armored and mechanized corps supported with few infantry divisions reached Narva’s seashore. They pushed back Soviet defenses in Estonia and destroyed last defenders of its capital, Tallin. German forces proceeded moving east.
Meanwhile, USSR commander moved his armored and cavalry divisions from Poland back to Moscow and recaptured the capital.

Mobile German armored elements had the direct task to proceed deeply into Russia’s territory on the outskirts of Moscow paying no attention to severe winter weather conditions. The plan was to meet the German forces Group Army Center. Soviets clearly couldn’t afford this happening and clearly understood the consequences of the success of this operation. More than the half of the Red Army would have been encircled between East Poland and Belarus without supply lines.

That’s why USSR Commander tried to strike back German armed attacking forces with the help of Leningrad divisions and few mobile armored units moved from Poland.

Anyways, Soviet counterattack was unsuccessful. German divisions established their defense with the help of the terrain and winter conditions as well as the river landscape made their resistance successful and caused the Soviet attack to fail.

Meanwhile on the South front, German attack operation near Black Sea has finished with complete success. Well-defended city-bastion Sevastopol was occupied by German forces.

Mechanized German elements invaded vast Russian territories reaching the outskirts of Stalingrad. After few minor battles near Volga River, German troops stepped back from Stalingrad, because Turkish communist army moved forward from the Caucasian mountains to help Russian comrades. German forces were in a strategically danger of being encircled by the enemy, so the best decision was to step back and wait for the main forces of the Southern front. Main forces, in the meanwhile, have finished elimination of the Soviet troops in the Southern encirclement.

To the Northwest of the Soviet Union German forces were able to successfully finish the largest encirclement in the history. Near 230 Soviet divisions, a ¾ of an entire Red Army, ended up without supply lines.

Soviet commander made his best in this difficult situation – large attack group of the soviet troops was forwarded from re-captured Moscow to the breached encirclement to re-establish supply lines.

Pacific Ocean Theater

A Couple of large sea battles happened in the Pacific Ocean (catastrophic to Japan’s sea forces). As a result, Japan fleet has lost 7 aircraft carriers (3 light and 4 heavy).
Pacific Ocean is under control of the united fleets of allied Pacific commandment. US Army invaded naval bases directly near Japan.

Instead of enforcement of the homeland by all reserved troops Emperor of Japan send corps and the rest of the Emperors fleet with the task of invading South Africa. This mistake will lead to the direct menace of allied assaults for the capital of Japan Empire Tokyo.

Soviet death count on the eastern front:
Before episode 400 div. total

Infantry -277
Cavalry – 9
Motorized – 47
Light tanks – 4
Tanks - 25
Mechanized – 47
Command unite – 1

After all battles 296 div total

Infantry -215
Cavalry – 9
Motorized – 32
Light tanks – 4
Tanks - 20
Mechanized – 15
Command unite – eliminated
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Нам нужно больше людей, которые будут говорить, что нужно делать. Главное, чтобы среди них не было тех, кто сам будет что-нибудь делать. А то вдруг и правда что-то изменится. (с) modyfallen
SaNiOKДата: Воскресенье, 02.02.2014, 00:35 | Сообщение # 2
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teo, when you have played this game? Today or in the past?

teoДата: Воскресенье, 02.02.2014, 00:40 | Сообщение # 3
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Дата регистрации: 15.05.2010
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It's translation of the n7 game AAR... March of 2011. Three years ago. )))

Нам нужно больше людей, которые будут говорить, что нужно делать. Главное, чтобы среди них не было тех, кто сам будет что-нибудь делать. А то вдруг и правда что-то изменится. (с) modyfallen
KimДата: Воскресенье, 02.02.2014, 13:39 | Сообщение # 4
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Translate your Mongolian AAR! It'll be a real BOMB!

«Те, кто готов пожертвовать хоть каплей свободы ради капли стабильности, не заслуживают ни стабильности, ни свободы и в итоге потеряют обе»

«Рабоче-крестьянская страна любит свою Красную Армию. Она гордится ею. Она требует, чтобы на знамени её не было ни одного пятна»

Форум » Paradox Interactive » International League » AAR for USSR (our multiplayer games)
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