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Форум » Paradox Interactive » International League » Multiplayer rules for DH-Light!
Multiplayer rules for DH-Light!
Nick3210Дата: Воскресенье, 27.04.2014, 19:40 | Сообщение # 1
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Now I'm lazy to make full translation of multiplayer rules for DH-Light, so I made only main important rules (7.2 paragraph of Rules).

Who want to make this work of translating more carefully - welcome and do it!

7.2 Military actions:

- Forbidden redeployment of troops from two neighboring provinces from front line (You can redeploy units only from the third province from the frontline!)

- Forbidden redeployment of division, which for the past three days was attacked from the air.

- Forbidden not to annex country, after capture of all key provinces of this country (and forbidden specifically not to capture any key province)

- Forbidden to give to the country any star province, to prevent its annexation

- Forbidden to pass expeditionary forces.

- Right of passage troops is also prohibited (except in the event - "the destroyers for bases").

- Forbidden to throw (and landing) airborne troops in the province, where enemy unit is retreating.

- Forbidden blockade of troops-free capital

- It is prohibited to dissolve units in war time when they are on the frontline or if they are in the ring (in encirclement).

- Forbidden spying about the enemy fleet by any third country which is not in war

- Forbidden sea-desant with the participation of the marine corps + hard units (marines + tanks or mechanized)

- Forbidden the transfer of all provinces with the exception of the national provinces to state which these provinces are.

-Forbidden to use strategic redeployment and dissolve of division/brigade in the rings and zones of possible encirclement. (that is from the territory where there is a danger to be cut off from supplies)

- Forbidden in peacetime to keep division in the AI-country to save supplies

7.3 limited for countries

- UK, Germany, USSR, USA and Japan forbidden to change their ground doctrine

"Мы усматриваем в танке главное средство наступления и будем придерживаться этого мнения до тех пор, пока техника не преподнесет нам лучшего подарка".
Хайнц Гудериан

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Форум » Paradox Interactive » International League » Multiplayer rules for DH-Light!
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