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Файловый Архив » Hearts of Iron II » Патчи » Patch 1.1.5 For FALLOUT'S DOOMSDAY MOD

Просмотров: 1434 | Загрузок: 355 | Комментарии: 2 | Добавил: Diktator | Дата: 17.01.2012
This patch is cumulative with previous patches. In other words, you only need to install the latest patch and not the previous ones.

1). New counters.
2). Flags for Barbarians and Far Away Land.
3). A fix for Kurtz's Camp wiping out Broken Hills very early.
4). I temporarily reinstated the old province control and rebellion events so people can get on with a stable, fun game. Some of the newest nations don't have province control events yet, like Vault 10 nation. See point 25.
5). Fix the trigger date for a new event which explains about conquering the Wastelands to the player.
6). Some of the new sounds are not the latest version I have created.
7). Forgot to fix initial trade deals according to new economic values.
8). Added missing ship sprites!
9). Fixed bug in Glow discovery events that allowed multiple treasure finds. See point 26.
10). I added a trigger in the Enclave event about getting prisoners from Den to check if Den still exists.
11). Removed the alliance code in the Enclave event New World Order and the FUSA event Manifest Destiny. They will now stay in the hard coded alliances. Thanks, Shogo.
12). I reduced the dissent for NROM event Corruption in High Places from 3 to 2 based on Elitech's feedback.
13). Reduced MP loss from 4 to 3 for NROM slaver raid event.
14). Raised NROM starting manpower pool from 2 to 32.
15). Created a more accurate icon for Data Centers which replace rocket test facilities in normal HOI2.
16). Updated the Secret tech Data Centers to allow Robots to gain it. Amended the corresponding Secret tech activation event to match.
17). Added one level of Data Center to Unimak Island for the Enclave.
18). Fixed a bug where Vault 10 had wrong name of Saigon Cartel.
19). Added an event for FUSA that detects if Caesar's Legion no longer exists and cancels the effects of the Deal With the Devil event.
20). Added the missing Vault 10 leader and minister pictures.
21). Searched every game text file and replaced rocket with data center.
22). Fixed a bug in the Tragic events on Conqueror and Vault 10 which meant the nation would not spawn in some situations.
23). Added Helicopters to boni to the events dealing with Military Technocracy government type.
24). I had forgotten to update the Gecko events for Ghoul Union to the new province ID of Necropolis which was given in the map update.
25). Replaced the province control events with new, corrected ones made using Vlad's Excel macro.
26). I had not fully fixed the Glow events as the outcome events would keep firing. Now fixed.

Playing the Mod
IMPORTANT NOTE! There is an error displayed during loading of the scenario. Just click to ignore it. There is no gameplay effect that I can spot. This got introduced somehow when I did a mass update of mod content but it is very difficult to track down.

Also, there are some rivers not represented on the map. I've noticed it in the east. I will fix this in 2.0.

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2 Diktator   (19.01.2012 22:19)
а не, ссыль неверная, то уже вторая версия мода, вроде, а патч для первой) щас выложу патч для второй

0   Спам
1 Diktator   (18.01.2012 00:00)
Вот ссыль на сам мод

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